Social media is a platform that is used by millions of people all around the world for different purposes. It is used by individuals for different purposes and is also used by various businesses and brands. Social media is growing every day because it is effortless to use and makes our life more comfortable, but in some cases, it can negatively affect us and make our life worse. When we talk about social media there are hundreds of uses, for example, you can communicate with your friends and family all around the world while sitting at your home, you can learn about new stuff online just by searching it and for many other useful purposes. But as we know when people start using something excessively, they get addicted to it and that can be very harmful to a person. For example, a lot of people use Instagram growth services to get more and more followers, and sometimes it looks like an addiction.


Social media is snowballing because it is instrumental and is making our life a lot easier and efficient. When we talk about social media, it is being used worldwide by everyone, and many new people are joining these social media apps every day, increasing its growth. As there are many advantages of social media, there are many disadvantages which make our life miserable. Social media is only dangerous for people addicted to it and cannot stop themselves from checking social media every minute. Social media has a very dark side because one of its primary use is that it allows us to connect with people all around the world, but by doing it, they are teaching people to avoid interaction in real life. In the long run, it can be hazardous because it might force you to ignore meeting people face to face and to stay isolated. Apart from interactions, young people follow many celebrities and models that are posting a lifestyle which is perfect and are posting highly filtered photos to remove all the imperfections. This targets the self-esteem and self-confidence of people. They become victims of stress and depression as they cannot live that lifestyle or look that good as they do. People don’t understand these models post photos on social media apps such as Instagram for more views, and more followers. They get intrigued by these models, and they start comparing their life with those models and get depressed.


Social media, if not used properly, will make our life worse. A study has shown that some people are highly addicted to social media apps, and they are employing such apps for more than 12 hours a day, which is pretty abnormal. People use social media until late at night, which negatively affects their sleeping habits and makes them physically weak. There are many studies in which it is proven that social media ha a negative impact on the mental health of a person, and this is the reason depression, anxiety, and suicides are becoming more common. If social media is used correctly, it is highly beneficial, but when people get addicted, it negatively affects them and makes their life worse.

How Social Media Is Making My Life Worse?