Lawyers are one of the most respected people in society because of the things they contribute to it. They help uphold the law, give justice to the oppressed, help people understand the legal implications of different undertakings like contracts and agreements, and help close loopholes when drafting a policy, rule, agreement, or contract. Lawyers are experts in the field of law, which they are obliged to master.


When it comes to the application of criminal law, there are two basic types of lawyers. The first one is the prosecutor, who goes after a suspect, and the second kind is the defense lawyer, who defends the rights of the suspect. In court proceedings, people must understand that lawyers are professionals who work in a personal manner because they do not disclose the incriminating information or things you have discussed with them to the public. Once they do this, the statement against you by your lawyer will be invalid and his license as a lawyer will be revoked permanently.

For this reason, many lawyers require their clients to tell them the whole truth of the case, regardless of whether they are guilty or not. This prerequisite is often a factor that helps lawyers in win a case for you.

The moment you tell a lawyer the truth about a case, regardless of whether the information you gave was incriminating or not, the lawyer is automatically bound to keep that information or risk losing his license. Some lawyers prefer to accept cases that defend the innocent; they will reject cases if the person admits guilt to them personally. However, some states consider it illegal for lawyers to reject cases unless it is not within their line of specialization.

The Public Attorney’s Office is a government sponsored office where people can look for lawyers to work on their defense. The PAO is usually for those people who cannot afford to pay for a private lawyer. There are many good lawyers in the PAO who have won numerous cases for people. One always has the right to remain silent and have a representative in court to fight for him. If one is unjustly accused of a crime, he can go to the PAO and seek assistance for free. Expect that there are experienced lawyers in the PAO who are ready to defend your rights and liberties as a human being.

Lawyers and Free Defense
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