There is an urge to grow social media accounts as you can earn from them! A lot of people have active social media accounts for their children, pets, and businesses. You can get an influencer job from any of your social media accounts as long as you prove you are attracting a large audience. Due to this, you need to know how to increase followers on your accounts.

Note that there are accounts that will lure you to malicious sites to increase your audience. Do not fall victim. Below are some tips that are proven to get more real social media followers.


You will notice that accounts with numerous followers have a loss of posted content. This is because the process of gaining followers is gradual. Each time you post something, you are likely to have a new follower.

Posting high-quality and relevant content now and then enables you to get more traffic to your account and if you do a good job, you are likely to have more people follow you.

If you are inconsistent, some people will notice and the chances of you losing followers is high.

Use hashtags

Reach out to a larger audience through hashtags. Hashtags allow you to interact with a lot of people within the given content. At one instance, let’s say for example it is a color festival event and people are tweeting using the hashtag color festival. If you write good and informative content encouraging people to follow you for more, you will gain several followers.

Using trending information to access a lot of people is also important in gaining followers. Do not be the type that posts content relating to what happened five years ago. That would be boring.

Engage with people

Like and comment on people’s posts. At the same time, appreciate those that interact with your content. This can be done through replying to comments, liking comments, and thanking your audience for actively engaging with your content.

Such simple acts maintain loyalty and ensure you maintain your audience.

Share your accounts on other platforms.

If your Instagram account is doing better than your YouTube account, share a link to your YouTube via Instagram. People who follow you on Instagram are likely to follow you on other social media platforms you are in if they like your content.

You can encourage your friends to post links that redirect back to your account and do the same for them.

Participate in live videos

Live videos have real-time accounts. This means you get a chance to interact with anyone at that given time. You could introduce yourself and encourage people to follow your account. Some people are generous enough to allow people to follow each other from their live videos. Take note of such accounts and participate anytime they go live.

Experiment with different content types

If you have a personal account, you are allowed to be as diversified as possible. Engage in content that is all-rounded. This means you cover larger areas of interest and if you spot a niche that is giving you more followers.

In conclusion, gaining followers is not easy. This is why you need to come up with legit means to gain real followers.

Proven Tips to Get More Real Social Media Followers
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