Lawyers are the backbone of society’s judicial system. They are the guides and experts who help craft the fundamental laws of the land, the statues, as well as the salary system of the nation. They also help in forming the penal code of many of the world’s states, and exact punishments for people who disobey the law. Lawyers are also behind much of company policies in the world. They protect the rights of the company, as well as defend the rights of its employees when necessary.

merits of lawyers

In all undertakings, the ideal pursuit of every lawyer is a just and lasting society based on truth and merits. This principle is also somewhat paradoxical, because lawyers are also expected to defend public sinners. On the bright side, lawyers are the guardians of human rights. Everybody has the right to have a trial and defend himself. A lawyer is the ideal representation in a court for someone who is not an expert in the laws.

There are many different kinds of lawyers today. There are lawyers who work for companies, who are consulted by top executives if there are any legal obstructions and consequences of certain policies and promotions. There are also lawyers who work for public service. These are lawyers who defend the rights of the oppressed, and prosecute those who are abusive of their power.

When it comes to prosecution and defense, lawyers will have their own specialization or field of expertise. There are lawyers who handle very specific cases like finance disputes only. There are also lawyers who will be good in defending women and children in case of abuse. There are lawyers who specialize in insurance claims and there are those that specialize in family affairs. They are called marriage lawyers or counselors.

In the US, lawyers are limited to practice in the state where they have studied and earned a certification of mastery of the state’s laws. That is why there are not a lot of lawyers who are able to cross states and be able to work immediately. They have to master the different laws of the states if they wish to be able to work as a lawyer in different states.

Lawyers are trained in argumentation and debate in order to defend their clients aggressively and convincingly. Most of the time, they have to play to the emotions of the jury, who are the judges in a court case. A good lawyer not only knows his laws, but is very good in logic and presentation.

The Merits of Lawyers in Society
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