Many people are aspiring to become lawyers for a number of reasons. One of the noblest driving force to why people want to become lawyers is to defend the rights of people, and uphold justice in society. The only way to improve society is to never lose idealism and continue to fight evil with reason and logic two of the defining characteristics of the best lawyers.

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There are skills and attributes that one needs to have to become a successful lawyer. Lawyers are very assertive, smart, and have a trained wisdom in logic. These are the basic characteristics of a good lawyer. But more than this, there are those volumes of laws, books, and annotated reports from the Supreme Court which they have to master and defend when the bar exams come.

In law school, law students are very much sifted so that only the very best will graduate and become competent lawyers in the future. Law school has one of the toughest trainings and courses when it comes to post graduate master’s degree. The aptitude required to endure law school are tests of character, strength, and confidence that will help you sail through the toughest recitations and debates you will need to undergo with your law professors.

If you have not established a good and stable amount of time dedicated for study, then you have very little chance of passing law school. Law school will require students aspiring to be lawyers to put in at least eight hours a day for study. You must prepare yourself to sleep at least 4 hours every day to cover for the vast amounts of texts you will need to understand and memorize.


The grading system in law school is usually based on how well you reason out and explain the texts you have studied the previous night. Usually, professors will assign hundreds of pages for review that will be tackled the following day; the merits will be based on recitation and written exams, which they do frequently.

Lawyers who teach in law school are usually very strict and have little tolerance for students who fail to study. The law schools have one of the highest attrition rates in when it comes to enrolled students. Many drop out, get expelled, or simply quit because of the amount of workload they are given every day. Balancing your time will help you manage through the amount of study materials you will be given.

Say no to your usual luxuries like rest, play time, and parties because these will greatly upset your study period which you will need every day.

What Does it Take to Become a Lawyer?
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